How do I pay with MoneyGram ?

If you choose to pay by Moneygram, it’s straightforward. Find a Moneygram branch near you and turn up to make the payment.

To find a branch near you, click on :

To make your payment, make a note of our payment details, listed at the bottom of the confirmation page for your order, and don’t forget your proof of identity. Take care to print your name and first name clearly and accurately.

Once at the branch, explain that you wish to send money. An agent will ask you to fill out a « Sending money » form where you’ll supply the following information:
 The first and last name of the beneficiary (please take care to write clearly and not to swap the two names around).
 Your first and last name (as they appear on the proof of identity).
 The town/city and country of the [beneficiary ]
 The amount that you wish to send
 Don’t describe the nature of the transaction (don’t mention that it’s a business transaction or being sent to a business)

Hand over the total of your order amount and pay any transaction fees.
Keep a careful note of the Moneygram reference number which the agent will give you, so that you can send it to us.
Once done, please fill in the proof-of-payment confirmation page online. This step is mandatory.
After the payment has been confirmed by our staff, your order will be prepared and dispatched within 48 hours.
Your tracking number will be sent by email, allowing you to follow the progress of your order. It isalsoavailable in your client account.

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