How do I pay by Western Union ?

1. On the Western Union website :
Thanks to new services from Western Union, you can now make payments quickly and conveniently online from your home.

Go to the Western Union website :

Have your credit card ready to make the payment.

This is a simple, rapid and effective way to make your payments.

Once you’ve made your payment, don’t forget to send us confirmation of your payment via our payment confirmation page online.

As soon as we receive your confirmation details and can confirm payment, we’ll be able to prepare and dispatch your order.

Better yet, Western Union have reduced their charges.

2. In person, at a Western Union branch.

Find a branch near you

A Western Union branch you have the choice between providing the means of payment by cash, bank card, or wire transfer.
Fill in the form for « Sending money ». For wire transfers, we’ll send you our bank details.
With Western Union, we receive your payment within minutes.
Don’t forget to provide us with your MTCN number (Money Tansfer Control Number) via our online confirmation page. It’s a tracking number for the transfer which we will need to receive the transferred funds.

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