How do I pay with Ria?

Ria the best way to pay for your order in just 10 minutes wherever you are.

In person
You can find a Ria agency easily near you:

Go to the RIA agency
The teller brings your data into the system
Your money will be transferred to us in just 10 minutes

By telephone
Just pick up the phone and call, your money transfer will be ready to be done in just 10 minutes.

(only available if you already have an RIA account, and if you have already made a 1st payment before)

Available only to US citizens, this is the most convenient way to send money from your couch.

Pay by direct debit from your bank account or credit card
Sign up now and your first money transfer will be free:

RIA payment information
We give you the payment information on the confirmation page of your order.
Attention, this beneficiary is for single use, for this order only. In a future order, we will automatically give you another beneficiary.

Be careful not to invert the name and surname of the beneficiary.

In case of inversion of the name and surname of the beneficiary, we can not withdraw the money and you will have to make a new payment.

Keep the RIA reference code that the agent gives you to send it to us

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